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Spirit Watch

P.O. Box 1520
Winchester, Virginia 22604 


Phone: 775-442-2603

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SW does not charge for investigations. We are a volunteer organization . All work done by SW is done on the members own time and is not paid for this work. All costs are paid for out of pocket. Please be patient with us in regards to investigations. They are conducted around work schedules and family schedules. We all would like to be able to do this full time, trust me. Our investigations are conducted as soon as possible without compromising the thoroughness of the investigation.

Whenever you contact us about an investigation, please have a few things ready for us. We need to know your location, what events are taking place and the frequency of them. Keeping a log (download ACTIVITY LOG) is helpful when it comes to determining frequency of events. If an event has only happened once and has not occurred since, it will be extremely hard to get any conclusive data. On the other hand, if the events are on going, we may be able to conduct an investigation and collect a lot of valuable data. We also need to know if anyone has been threatened or harmed by a ghost. This will help in understanding the severity of the situation.

If you are in fact in need of an investigation, email is probably the best method of contact. We will be able to talk by email and eventually by phone. Once we determine whether an investigation is indeed needed, we will set up a time to talk with those who have experienced the events and conduct an initial interview at that time. We will then set up a time and date for a full investigation with cameras, recorders and other equipment. Additional visits may be necessary depending upon evidence collected.

I hope this will give you an idea of how we operate. We are not fly by night, out for the thrill, ghost hunters. We are serious paranormal investigators. We take our work seriously and with passion. We use our research for scientific purposes. As it says in our mission statement, we investigate the presence of phenomena and ghostly hauntings.


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