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Spirit Watch is a group of experienced, mature, logic based investigators who approach our work in a scientific , methodical way to find answers, no matter what those answers may be. Investigators are solicicted from varied backgrounds to best serve the needs of the client / investigation.

Professionalism and confidentiality always come first, from the interview process to resolution.


To investigate reports of paranormal phenomena   and document data for evaluation through scientific audio and photographic evidence.

Clay Smith

Investigator / Media and Marketing

Member American Society of Psychical Research with 10 years of previous criminal and civil investigative experience in the private sector.
"Every answer brings new questions."

Enjoys tech aspects and researching new equipment. Owns and races cars.
Continuing his education, paranormal and otherwise.

Mike Crate

Investigator / Technology Coordinator

Shelley Crate

Investigator / Research Coordinator

A thirst for knowledge, truth, the unknown and the yet to be realized.
"Every location investigated has it's own story, lost somewhere in time, just waiting to be told".

Masters Degree from Frostburg State. 20 years teaching in public schools.
"Unconventional thinking leads to life's little mysteries."

Tina Cavanaugh

Investigator / Logistics Coordinator

Becky Vantz

Investigator / Research Specialist

35 years in the public school system.
"Life long unexplainable experiences and paranormal encounters have triggered my interest in seeking and / or debunking evidence in the field of scientific paranormal study."

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